Friday, May 15, 2015

Today, Why I am not a Christian

I've been an atheist for around 6 years now.  As each year passes, my mind is further and further cleansed from the religion that once saturated it. It's definitely a process. Those trillions of neural connections, forged under religious immersion, don't rewire themselves overnight. But they do rewire themselves.

When my doubting first began, I was very eager to write my thoughts down and investigate Christianity's problems. That eagerness has faded in proportion to Christianity's fade from my mind. Today, Christianity feels almost as remote as any other religion to me, I have little psychological connection to it. It is just one of many bizarre religions I'm not a part of.

As an active Christian, I was desensitized to the absurdity of Christian beliefs (an ancient cult leader might fly out of the sky at any moment and transport us to another dimension of paradise, because some stories tell us so). But having been out for a few years, I'm now very sensitive to the absurdity. When I hear a family member say, after a day of otherwise rational behavior, "Let's thank the Lord for the food", it can be startling and even incite laughter.

I've made my case against Christianity in a number of blog posts, from a variety of angles. But I sometimes ask myself, how would I summarize why I'm not a Christian? Interestingly, it's become clear that one of the very first arguments I ever made is indeed my principal reason for leaving Christianity. This quote is from my very first blog post:

    "Try this: after every Christian teaching you hear, ask yourself, “is this also what I’d expect to hear if Christianity were false?”

That's it, that's the principal reason I'm not a Christian. I later expanded on it in this post. Today, I summarize it this way:

        Christianity is identical with the false version of itself.

In other words, if Christian beliefs were a bunch of baloney, Christianity would look exactly the same as it does today. Another way of putting this, in order for Christianity to morph from it's present state to being a bunch of baloney, nothing has to change. The god would stay invisible, prayer would stay ineffective, etc etc

Another thing that has faded in proportion to Christianity's hold on my mind is my respect for Christianity. I've tried to foster an attitude of respect and tolerance toward the religion that held me captive all those years. But let me tell you, it doesn't come naturally, I have to fake it. The reality is that I view religion as a mental parasite, an institution which holds minds captive by filling them with mythology and a false sense of dependency. I wish I could show people freedom from that.

There, I said it! It's how I feel, I assume that's why you're reading this blog anyhow. Thanks for reading.

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