Monday, May 9, 2011

The Church as a Corporation - Part 1

Sometimes it’s easy to be mesmerized by the size, beauty, and organization of the Christian church. Some of the larger churches are so beautiful, and have so many cheerful Christians performing various different functions within, and everyone professing a love for Jesus Christ. In those moments, it’s difficult to imagine how it could have come about without the provision of God. However, I’m similarly mesmerized by large corporations, including the one I work for. I walk around the numerous test labs in awe of all the fancy electronics and systems that somebody designed and manufactured. I see tons of paperwork, tons of revenue, huge buildings, industry strategy, and it’s hard to understand how it could have ever come to be. I could never build a corporation like that on my own, nobody could. I realized that this big complex corporation was the result of many small efforts from hundreds of individuals over a long period of time. That helps me understand how the church and its beliefs grew to be so big and complex. The Christian institutions have developed much like giant corporations, the result of millions of individual efforts over thousands of years. I don’t need God to explain the size of Christianity any more than I need God to explain Samsung.

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