Monday, May 9, 2011

Written Mar '10: Intercepting Misguided Faith

Because Jesus has long since departed from the Earth, we don’t know Him in the direct sense that we know another person. We know Him only through ancient writings and perceived spiritual encounters. The outcome is that everyone has constructed a different Jesus in their minds, ranging from subtleties to differences which cause Christians to call each other demonically possessed. Even the four gospels portray somewhat different versions of Jesus. How can we accurately direct our allegiance to a King whose direction and identity is a profound mystery? We can’t, we can only hope that the true Jesus/God intercepts our misdirected allegiance. Can we be confident that God is intercepting our allegiance as long as we get the name “Jesus” right, regardless of what ideas that name represents for us? That seems silly, a human word is insignificant compared to God and eternality. This is demonstrated in the following true/false statement: everyone who uses the name “Jesus” for their God will get into Heaven. The vast majority of people (and the Bible) will agree this is false, which demonstrates that it’s not the name which is most important, but God’s true self. If so, then why would getting the name wrong surely exclude us from Heaven? This presents the possibility that some of those who don’t call upon the name Jesus may still have their allegiance intercepted by God’s true self, and may still enter Heaven.

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