Monday, May 9, 2011

Which One's Ridiculous?

Christian and atheist beliefs are so wildly different that one of them must be ridiculous. One of those beliefs must be an absurdly blinded, warped, and misguided view of reality. Between a Christian and an atheist, one of them must be nuts. Either the Christian is nuts for believing in invisible characters and ancient stories of the miraculous, or the atheist is nuts for not believing these things. It has to be one of the two.


  1. My suggestion would be that maybe it isn't quite so simple as an "either, or" proposition. Remember, religion and atheism do share this much: they are both fallible world views. The problem is Christians do not accept their own fallibility. Be design, theirs is an arrogant and infallible world view. Whereas, the rational atheist asserts that his view is more accurately describes as a method of reasoning—the very antithesis or dogma.

    I get quite annoyed when a theist tells me atheism is as rigidly dogmatic at religion. As a rule, atheists do not assertively contend there is no god, there merely lack belief in a god—for rational reasons. This may be a subtle difference; but it is an important distinction we make.

    --- I'm looking forward to reading your stuff here; looks very interesting at first blush. And good luck with your deprogramming. For me it was like being unshackled from iron balls and chains. Truthfully, though, I often still see those balls and chains just a few feet away, and still feel the need to dump them into the fires of Mordor! That's what writing helps me do.

  2. Thanks Bill, my first comment!

    Yes, this wasn't one of my more tactful writings. I'll probably clean it up a touch. Certainly there's no perfect world view, whether theist or atheist. They'll both have their share of faults, including my own of course. If there's one thing I've learned on my journey, it's how little I really know.

    I agree with your approach to atheism. I do think there's a few atheists out there that tend to give it a dogmatic reputation, like Richard Dawkins. (not to mention my post above)

    A similar comment I've wrestled with is "atheism takes just as much faith as Christianity." Another one to dump into the fires of Mordor with some rational thought!

  3. Well I'd edited this post significantly but the edits were lost during the mid-May blogger catastrophe. I'll re-edit.